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  • Hot sales Zorb Soccer
    High TPU material Manufacture human soccer bubble / bubble football soccer for sale
    If you're looking to bring Bubble Bump Soccer to your city, get in touch with our sales people and find out how easy it is to get started. PERSONALIZE YOUR bubble soccer balls.We include Custom Colors, Business Logo & Website printed on the bubbles!Born in Norway, Bubble Soccer has very quickly expanded and is now being played here in Northern Colorado! It’s full contact soccer at its best. The rules are simple. Stay alert, look all around you, and oh yeah…. SCORE GOALS!!!
  • Half color Soccer Balls
    Inlfatable Color Bumper Ball/ Bubble Football /Soccer (Body Zorb ) For Youth Group Activities
    Mybubblesoccer takes pride in the quality of product that we sell. Our bubble soccer balls are manufactured from the highest quality TPU material available. Our bubble soccer balls are always 100% TPU. Nothing less. No bait and switch.Our sales team has over 6 years of International shipping and trade experience. This experience has led us to a manufacturer that is the most skilled technically; demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and is unequivocally the most reliable. Rest assured that your product will be manufactured with the highest quality of workmanship.
  • Bumpers-for-1.25m-TPU-material
    Hot Selling Human Sized Soccer Bubble Ball for Adult and Kid
    Ready to start your own bubble soccer league? Soccer Bubble Balls can help with every aspect of starting and outfitting your league. We are the official provider of bubble soccer equipment for over the world. Fill out the form below to get started: Read more:
  • Inflatable-Bubble-Ball
    Best Quality TPU 1.25m Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball and 1.55m Body Bumper Ball
    Bumper ball / Body Bumper Ball / Soccer Bubble Ball is suitable for both children and adult playing together! They can wear it comfortably and bump to each other or play football together. It is suitable for playing on grass, ground and snow. Bumper ball is a good choice for amusement activity. It not only can be played for fun but also can be for improving health. Let's have fun together with the bumper ball!
  • Commercial-TOP quality Body Zorb Bubble
    Mid-blue Color Outdoor Grass Inflatable bubble soccer balls
    Name: TPU Soccer Bubble Inflatable Brand: YL Size: 1.25m , 1.55m , 1.8m Material: TPU(0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm) Colors: Clear,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Orange Package: Stretch Film +Oxford Bag + Strong Cartoon Carton: 50*45*45cm/55*50*50cm/60*55*50cm Weight: 6kg ~ 14kg Delivery: By Express, By Air Freight, By Sea Ocean MOQ: 1pc Price: Would be Satisfied and Reasonable Payment : T/T Bank , Western Union , Cash Accessories: CE / UL Air Pump Repair Kits: Valve ,wrench, Repair Material, Glue(via sea)
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