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  • Hot sales Inflatable Soccer Player
    Adult Human TPU Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball Buddy
    Bumper Buddy, Soccer Bubble Ball, Bubble Ball, is a funny game of Zorb Ball Sport, amazingly enjoyable. This event involves wearing the balls for each person fixed by seat belts and handles, then bumping each other for fun. Or we can use them in soccer game or Body Zorbing Bumper Ball games, extremely popular in Europe, North America and Oceania worldwide etc. An opening on the head that ensures enough air for free breath. These Bubble Soccer are available in different sizes and colours to suit various body types and preferences. Are you planning to purchase Inflatable Human Bubble Ball and Loopy Ball Zorb Football in rational quality and rationable price? Just get in touch with us right now. We wish to be of service for you in the near future, just enjoy the Bumper Buddy or Zorb Soccer Games!
  • Amazing quality Bubble Zorbing
    People Sports Inflatable Belly Bump Ball
    Brilliant Ball! Tpu Inflatable Body Zorbing Bubble Ball,inflatable Belly Bump Ball,Bubble Ball Suit. Body Zorbing,Bump Ball is the latest Zorbing craze to hit the UK! It’s fun, safe and great exercise, but we won’t tell the kids that last bit!Body Zorbs are suitable for a huge age group; from children aged 6 years+ right up to adults. The idea is to fit inside a Zorb ball and play one of a number of games within an inflatable arena. From there you can run, play and compete to your heart’s content.The great thing about body Zorbing is its versatility.Why not try Zorb football, Zorb racing, assault courses, crazy sand, bungee trampolines and more? All can add that extra something special to any gathering.
  • Roll inside Zorbing Soccer
    Manufactured Color Inflatable Bumper Balls Game YL Bubble Cylinder.
    Welcome to Inflatable Bumper Balls Manchester,Bumper Ball is riotous energetic fun for children and adults alike! Bumper Balls are large inflatable balls that you slide into, so they fit above your knees and over your head. You can then crash and bump into other Bumper Ball players. Bumper Ball allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, back roll and bounce into other bodyzorbs. As your legs are outside the Bumper you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the Bumper Ball over your head and arms through the harness and you can safely Bumper Ball.The thrills and spills of Bumpering is great fun for children and for adults alike. It is hugely entertaining for everyone, a great way to get active and is challenging physical fun. Plus it is a great game for parents to play with their children.
  • Bumper Zorb of 1.25m for kids size
    1.25m Bubble Football Manufacturers, Bumper Zorbs for Kids.
    The Bumper zorbs are made of TPU hard wearing plastic and each has a 4 point harness. They are surprisingly resilient and have 8 intersections to add to their strength. As players only bump into other Bumper Zorb players, then everyone has double protection. In the unlikely advent of a puncture, the Zorbs can easily be fixed by strong holding tape until they are correctly repaired later.The Bumper Zorbs or Bubble Footballs are such good fun for most age groups. For children's birthday parties, everyone must be at least 1 meter tall, but we don't just do birthday parties for children but for adults as well. We have different sized balls to fit different ages and body sizes. We supervise the parties and include team games and challenges and make sure the birthday child feels special on the day. We offer the new craze of BodyZorb Football. As well as birthday parties we also attend school fun days, festivals, carnivals and offer group sessions for hen parties and corporate events.
  • Bubble Football
    Hot Selling Human Sized Soccer Bubble Ball, Bumper Balls for Adult and Kid, Hamster Ball for Sale
    Ce Amazing Human Bubble Ball, Soccer Bubble Ball For Sale For Football, Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball In Snow.BUMPER Ball allows you to compete in a variety of games against others of any size, shape, height or weight because you all have the same advantage….. their use of your legs only! Each body Zorb covers you from the waist up (and over the head!), leaving only your legs to help you compete in the game.All our games are seriously good fun and great for all levels of fitness!This is the perfect option for a kid’s birthday party, hen do or to get the parents involved and have a lads vs dads tournament!This is definitely the best Body Zorbing Yorkshire has to offer!!!
  • bubble soccer sports events
    Best Quality Loopyballs, Inflatable Buddy Bumper Ball, Soccer Bubble
    Buddy Bubble Soccer is the brand new sports to enjoy your incredible weekends, holidays, parties or events with thrill and spills in Toronto city. Buddy Bubble Soccer is a combination of playing football with an enormous 1.6m diameter zorb balls wrapped from head to waist with only players legs free to move. Buddy Bubble Soccer is played as a team game with the objective of scoring more goals than the opposing team. Players try to collide with one another meaning any efforts to actually play football bring hilarious results thus it is called "Bumper ball" or "Bubble football”. Buddy Bubble Soccer is a new and improved version of the American, European and Internationally renowned game. Traditionally, the game of soccer is played by two opposing teams of eleven players. Each team is comprised of ten players and a goalie. Bubble Soccer is a great sport for the simple fact that it is safe. Each player is safe inside of their bubble and is free to attack the sport full force. Part of the lure of the game is being able to bounce into one another, the floor, or the wall. It is a game that is safe for school, a professional sport, or even your backyard!
  • 1.55m transparent soccer ball
    Best Inflatable Bubble Soccer Equipment Bubble football
    What the world calls " bubble football " far and away the globe most popular sport, has led a marginal existence as bubble soccerin the United States, where bubble football denotes a different game that has remained an integral part of American sports culture since the late 19th century. In the past two decades, bubble soccer in the United States has undergone a substantial metamorphosis that has altered its former marginality without, however, giving it cultural power anywhere near that still exerted by baseball, basketball, bubble football, and even ice hockey.bubble soccer in America now exists in three universes that overlap yet still remain distinct from each other
  • Chinese Bumper Bubble ball TPU
    Chinese Inflatable Bumper Bubble ball, Bubble Footballs, Buddy Zorb Ball
    Our Inflatable Bumper Bubble ball, Bubble Footballs, Buddy Zorb Ball are of the latest high quality standards, making them light and strong which will mean you can move quicker and so up the competition.We have been running kids parties in Harrogate for some time now and yes the body zorbing still proves to be the most popular thing to do.he rules are very simple, play a game of football and the team who scores the most goals wins, however there is one small twist…..each person has to wear an inflatable bubble (AKA Body Zorb). This bubble will protect you from your head down to your knees which means that you can knock people over, be knocked over or generally roll around the pitch until you get too dizzy to continue.What’s more, unlike most other football matches you might play, we encourage contact meaning that this is the first time your Cristiano Ronaldo footwork may not help you out as floods of inflatable balls come running your way.
  • Crazing Bubble Bump Ball
    2015 Excellent Quality!-----Inflatable Human Hamster Ball,Body Bumper Ball,Soccer Bubble For Sale
    Human Body Soccer is a relatively new and exhilarating activity for all ages. Body Zorbers climb into an inflated ball that covers all of the body apart from your legs (you’ll need those for running around!). Inside the ball is a harness to make sure you are secure and supported during your body zorbing session leaving you free and safe to bounce, bash, bosh and ping about bumping into each other and generally have a grand old time.With Bubble Zorbs or otherwise known as Body Zorbs, you can play a variety of games like 5 aside bubble zorb football, last man standing, bulldog, roly poly and many more. We have a variety of sizes; small, medium and large to suit ages as young as 4 right through to adults.The Bubble Zorb is completely safe and a lot of fun. The Bubble Zorb covers you from the top of your thighs all the way over the top of your head. Your legs are free for running around and you’re harnessed in – giving you a lot of control over the Bubble Zorb.
  • Human Soccer Balls for Sale
    Clear Inflatable Adult Human Body bubble ball soccer
    Human Body Bubble Ball can also pack down into a much smaller space than our original design and are supplied with their own carry bags making it possible to fit up to 10 Bumper-Balls, blowers and staff into a typical hatchback car. We can supply your new Bumper-Balls with a variety of brightly coloured harnesses and ropes so you can for example, have 5 Blue Bumper-balls and 5 Red Bumper-Balls and organize 5-a-side bubble football matches and easily tell which user is on which team.You can organise games, sport events and contests either in schools, scout camps, corporate settings or at holiday parks! We recommend using the Bumper-Balls on either grass or wood floors such as basketball courts or sports halls.
  •  Bubble soccer  Games
    High Quality 1.8m Human Inflatable Bumper Ball Prices for Fun
    You may already be aware of the current viral video titled " Bubble Football " doing its rounds on Facebook. The clip is from a Norwegian TV game show in which teams play football wearing giant bubbles allowing them to bump, roll and flip whilst trying to score. The video currently has thousands of views, shares and comments – most of which are people asking where they can take part in this activity. There have also been numerous news and blog articles exploring the possibility of the activity being held in other countries besides Norway. This is an enormous opportunity for your company to capitalise on this latest craze.Bumper Ball can be used with small children as well as adults simply by adjusting our new design of padded harnesses which are much more comfortable for the user than previous designs. This eliminates the requirement to purchase 2 different sized balls.
  • Blue Inflatable Bumper Ball
    Inflatable Bumper Ball / Human Bubble Ball / Soccer Bubble On Promotion
    Human sized soccer bubble ball suit is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults alike. The user slides into a harness in the middle of a 1.5m diameter inflatable ball or bumper ball (we carry smaller sizes for children) and can then safely collide with other users, roll, fall, headstand,bounce without risk of injury - great exercise, energetic and vastly entertaining! Type:soccer bubble,loopy ball,bubble suit,bubble ball,bumper ball,bubble football
  • Bubble Ball Soccer China TPU Suppliers
    Bubbleball - Equipment For Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football
    bubble ball soccer are More fun than soccer, safer than football, cheaper than hockey, and bouncier than basketball. BubbleBall guarantees to make you spin, bounce and laugh like no other sport in history!In this insane sport, players don inflatable bubbles and attempt to play a game of soccer. This lack of rules causes crazy dives at other players.I nflatable Bubble Ball, Human Bubble Ball, Bubble Ball, Is A Funny Game Of Sport, Amazingly Enjoyable. This Event Involves Wearing The Balls For Each Person Fixed By Seat Belts And Handles, Then Bumping Each Other For Fun. Or We Can Use Them In Inflatable Ball Suit Or Human Bubble Ball Games, Extremely Popular In Europe, Oceania And North America. An Opening On The Head That Ensures Enough Air For Free Breath. These Bubble Ball Products Are Available In Different Sizes And Colours To Suit Various Body Types And Preferences. We Wish To Serve You In The Near Future.
  • Newest hot sales BodyzorbingBolas Bumper
    Big Discount 0.8mm PVC/TPU Inflatable Bubble Ball Suit, Bumper Ball, Human Bubble Ball
    What began on the inflatable Bubble ball suit(futbol) fields of Europe has become one of the hottest new league sport games played in the U.S. today! Slip on your Bubble Ball suit, and bump, check, and steamroll the competition as you go for the goal!The official product of the U.S. Bubble Soccer Association, Bubble Balls make rec leagues, corporate teambuilding, special events and sporting competitions more fun!The Germans call it Loopyball, while other countries in Europe call it “Bubble football” or “Bubble Soccer.” The sporting game that’s sweeping the globe actually started out as a joke between Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of the Norwegian comedy sports show “Golden Goal.” The duo posted a video of them playing Bubble Soccer on YouTube, and its popularity spread across Europe like warm Nutella. Mmmm.
  • Inflatables Soccer Ball Rental From China
    Wholesale Outdoor Football Inflatable Soccer Ball Rental
    Top Quality Human Bubble,bubble Football, Inflatable Ball Suit,Inflatable Soccer Balls,Human Bubble Is Suitable For Both Children And Adult Playing Together! They Can Wear It Comfortably And Bump To Each Other Or Play Football Together. It Is Suitable For Playing On Zorb Ramp, Football Field, Grass, Ground And Snow. Bubble Football Is A Good Choice For Amusement Activity. It Not Only Can Be Played For Fun But Also Can Be For Improving Health. Let's Have Fun Together With The Bubble Football!
  • 1.25m half color Wrecking Ball
    Kids And Adults Bumper Cylinder Playing At Grass
    The Soccer Bubble, also known by many other names such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball, etc., is a game being picked up throughout a variety of places. These places include youth facilities, youth church clubs, naval bases, college universities, and expanding towards many other outlets across North America. The Soccer Bubble is a new product being used at facilities such as select Gold’s gym as a way to invite social interaction and a fun spin on working out. Other places such as church and you facilities use the Soccer Bubble game as an outlet for young kids and young adults to use their energy in a fun and positive way.
  • Kids Body Zorb TPU-O (2)
    Hot Sale Kids Buddy Clear Bumper Ball TPU Body Zorb
    Cardiff Body Zorb also known as Bubble football is where you wear a zorb over your body and play football. You are encased in a giant bubble which protects you against the opponents that are likely to collide with you.Bumper Ball Induction: Body zorb Ball is also called body zorb, inflatbale bumper ball, body bumper ball etc. It is inflatable sphere 1.5m or 1.8M for adults and 1.2M for children, which is made of PVC 0.6MM or TPU 0.6MM or TPC 0.6MM material. Body zorbing is the newest activity for 2013, Bodyzorbing is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults. Now body zorbing is very popular in UK. Body zorbing have been seen on ITV and on BBC Sport, Even Body zorbs have become part of the school sports scene in some schools. Body zorbing will be more and more popular woldwide in the furture.
  • Soccer Bubbles big ball soccer
    Popular Sports Big Ball Soccer Bubble Balls
    Bubble Soccer (big ball soccer) is taking over New Zealand! Bubble Soccer is the newest craze that has swept across Europe and America and has now arrived in New Zealand. It is a hilarious combination of traditional soccer and big Bubble suits. This transforms you into a human airbag. While your upper body is safely enclosed in a huge inflatable Bubble, players are sent flying through the air as they fight for possession of the ball. You are trying to score by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over and crashing into each other. Bubble Soccer is also known as Bumper Ball, Loopy Ball, Soccer FootBall, Zorb or Body Zorbing. The name of the game is "Bump or be bumped!"!
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