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  • Best Bits Bubble Soccer Of Kids
    High Quality Not Leakage Bumper Fotbal
    Bubble Football Best Bits / Bubble Soccer Scotland,Made In China Commercial Inflatable Bubble Soccer For Adult With Free Shipping By Air Express To Door.Someone called it "Bubble Football" "Bubble Soccer" is a new type of sealed Ball Game after Water Walking Ball and Zorb Ball. It is made of transparent PVC or TPU with two handles and two adjustable belts inside to secure the players.Buddy Bumper Balls
  • Durable straps and handle Bumper Ball
    Adult Body Bumper Ball / Body Bubble Bumper Ball For Outdoor Football Or Soccer
    Inflatable Ball Suit is best for team building exercise. It is game of minimum 10 people and two teams each one wearing this sumo fight ball. He who fell all others by pushing himself to others is the winner of the game . Sumo Fight ball is made of flexible plastic sheets called TPU & has an air inlet valve. just inflate it, wear it and start fighting, Without hurting anyone.We are a factory in taihe town,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,which is devoted to inflatable product.Such as Bumper Ball,Soccer Bubble Bop,Zorb Ball,water ball,inflatable castle,inflatable aumsement park and so on.Welcome here to purchase.
  • Human Inflatable Belly Bump ball
    New Football Inflatable Body Zorb Ball Human Soccer Bubble Ball Playing At Grass.
    Bubble Soccer Ball Has Got To Be Quite Simply The Best Sport Out There, Especially For The Kind Of Person Who Does not Know Their Own Strength.basically What You Do Is Run Around With An Inflated Zorb Ball On Your Head And Kick A Ball Around With The Freedom Of Smacking Into Each Other Without Getting Injured.bubble Soccer Ball Is The New Trend Crazy Sports - Innovative, Striking And . Super Entertaining Roll When, Bouncing, Crashing , You Can Really Let Off Steam Or Vigorous Blow Off Steam. In Games Like Bubble Football, Soccer, Fight, Sumo And Freestyle Not Only The Participants Have Tons Of Fun.
  • Soccer Games Bumper Balls
    2016 Wonderful Bubble Game! Inflatable Bubble Football Balls,Bubble Soccer Suit,Bumper Bubble Ball.
    Bubble Soccer is a team sport! The game is designed around having fun, so rules tend to be a bit relaxed. Regardless of your level of soccer skills, male or female, kids or adults, soccer abilities are not required! Anyone can play and you can adapt the game to your needs!Bubble Soccer is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, whether you are playing or just watching!Take the fun to a whole new level by booking a fun game of Bubble Soccer for your event. We operate body zorbing, soccer bubble, bubble football, inflatbale bumper ball, body bumper ball etc, are available 7 days a week and we can offer you customized solutions.
  • IMG_1569
    2016 Tpu Football Inflatable Body Zorb Ball / Soccer Bubble Human Bubble Ball
    About PVC/TPU human inflatable bumper bubble ball: 1) Bubble football is a new kind of sport ,so hot and popular moment. 2) Bubble football are air-tight, heat-sealed inflatable products. It is made of eco-friendly TPU or PVC. 3) Bubble football is a good and interesting sport game! People can wear it and bump to each other or play football together with great fun and safely! 4) Let you run, roll, flip and spin on water without getting wet!! 5)Used all over the world Hugely popular and profitable 6)Swimming Pools, Recreational Centers, Holiday Parks, Gyms, Hotels, Beaches, Fun Parks, Theme Parks, traveling fairgrounds.
  • IMG_1511
    Tpu Half-Color Bumper Ball Size 1.25m / 1.55m / 1.8m Bubble Footballl/Body Bumper Ball
    body bubble bumper ball is suitable for both children and adult playing together! They can wear it comfortably and bump to each other or play football together. It is suitable for playing on zorb ramp, grass, ground and snow. Body bubble bumper ball is a good choice for amusement activity. It not only can be played for fun but also can be for improving health. Let's have fun together with the body bubble bumper ball !
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